About us

personal-financial-londonNot all Financial Advisers are the same. At Laithwaite Financial Services Ltd we are proud of the service we offer and of the client relationships that we have developed.

We have built our business around certain principles, which we feel are aligned to the interests of our clients.

In short, we believe that we offer a service that distinguishes us from other Financial Advice firms, both large and small. We are confident that we can help, whatever your situation. If you feel you need some advice, we are happy to offer an initial consultation, free of charge.

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Our core principles

  • We have used our freedom as Independent Advisers to conduct unbiased, whole of market research to ensure that the solutions we provide are good value for money.
  • Although financial planning is often complex, we believe that none of it is beyond understanding, so long as it is explained properly. Therefore, we aim to frame all the advice we give in a clear and accessible manner, keeping things simple and free of jargon. We feel this approach is important to enable clients to make informed decisions that they are happy with.
  • As a small firm we are committed to building long term relationships with all our clients. Because of this, you can expect us to deliver a personal, friendly and professional service whenever you need it. After all, one of the main reasons for engaging a Financial Adviser is to remove the hassle from your financial affairs.

Our History

financial-investmentIn 1991, Andrew Laithwaite established the Financial Services division at Robbins Olivey Solicitors. This enterprise grew steadily until 2003, when it became appropriate for the two businesses to separate and continue independently. In this way, Laithwaite Financial Services Ltd came into being in 2003. Today we can be found at our newly refurbished premises at The Forge, near Woking.

The first 10 years of the company’s history was a period of dramatic changes within the Financial Services industry. These changes created both challenges and opportunities in the field of financial planning. In response, we have developed innovative and client focussed service propositions that we feel set us apart from other financial advice firms.

The most recent development has been the launch of our new Wealth Management Service. Introduced in 2013, this proposition evolved to accommodate clients that have built up substantial investment and pension portfolios. At this level, a more sophisticated investment and tax planning service is required and this is something that we are now able to provide. (For details go to Wealth Management Service.)

Over the years we have assembled a team of individuals with a broad range of experience and different areas of expertise. This enables us to offer focussed advice across the spectrum of financial planning. Whether it is individual pensions, investments or corporate advice that is needed, we have an adviser who can help.

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